Baking with Fruit in the Kitchen of Love

As my food adventures continue, I’ve discovered that I really do love to bake. Baking has always been around my kitchen, but when i was working it was relegated to holidays or special occasions. Now with more time to spend in the kitchen, baking is happening at least once a week. ¬†Chocolate makes for good baking in brownies, cookies, and cakes which have appeared in the kitchen of love. but along with re-discovering baking, I’ve discovered that baking with fruit is quite wonderful.DIGITAL CAMERA

It all started when I found a recipe for a Peach Cake. It was summer and peaches were plentiful and it just sounded so yummy. Lots of fresh peaches happily residing in a moist buttermilk cake. A topping of cinnamon sugar and almonds that baked into a crunchy golden crown. It was really amazing and good enough to bake twice.DIGITAL CAMERA

So I had entered into the world of fresh fruit baking. What delight would be next? Blueberries were in season. The good ones from Michigan that are bursting with flavor, not the bland ones that seem to be available all year. Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits, but I wanted to do something other than muffins. I found a blueberry cake recipe that sounded perfect. Another buttermilk cake, this one topped with streusel. Blueberries were laced through the cake whole and as a thick syrup. This was worthy of being baked on three seperate non-occasions.DIGITAL CAMERA

Peaches and blueberries had their individual moment in the sun or should I say oven, but what would happen if they came together in one baking masterpiece? Presenting for your delight, the Blueberry & Peach Pie. The peaches and blueberries were lightly sweetened with brown sugar, enhanced with a little almond extract and sprinkled with tapioca to thicken the juices. The streusel topping was almonds, butter, brown sugar, and a little flour. It baked to a golden brown oozing juicy goodness.018

So there you have it …my summer of fruit love. As fall creeps in, apples, pumpkin, pears and cranberries beckon to be transformed into fruity baked delights…Stay tuned. More goodies will be coming out of Mama D’s Kitchen of Love.

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