On My First Anniversary

Just over a year ago I was forced to re-invent myself. Out of work for the first time in forty years and at an emotional crossroads I needed to take a look at where I was going. Having reached a more interesting age, I felt that the direction I needed to go in should involve something I felt passionate about. I loved to cook and over the years I had developed a knack for writing about the everyday occurrences in my life. That’s how Mama D’s Kitchen was born.015

I’ve learned a lot over the year. Some things were revelations, others were common sense, and there were more than a handful of DUH?!? moments. I set up a web site with a little help from my friends. I love sharing my recipes and my process and I’ve learned that some recipes are much better in my head than on a plate, but most of the time simple ingredients combined with love can create something wonderful.DIGITAL CAMERA

As I begin my second year, I’m looking forward to more cooking and more writing of course, and I’m beginning to explore the direction to go that will lead to my passion becoming my business.  I hope that you’ll join me as I continue to cook and write. and follow my adventures as I cook with love.   Mama D

6 thoughts on “On My First Anniversary

  1. David Alan Dedin

    (Chuckling.) I love your comment that some recipes are better in our heads than on our plates. For as often as I’ve thrown ingredients together and created something wonderful, I’ve also just as often found myself scraping an experiment into the garbage can. Eh…live n’ learn. And never use the “good” meat unless you’re sure of the outcome. Anyway, congrats on your first year…and I’m happily awaiting your first digital cookbook.

  2. Marie

    Congratulations on year one!! I’ve learned so much since my first year it’s a never ending learning process but it’s so much fun, I can’t imagine giving up blogging I love it too much and I’m approaching year seven this August. It’s a wonderful creative outlet for our passion of cooking, writing and photography, they all go hand and hand and I can never learn enough! Cheers to year two and all that you’ll accomplish!


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