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Hi there!

I’m Mama D.

My real name is Jo Lynn, but one of my son’s friends dubbed me Mama D a few years ago and it stuck. Since this blog is called Mama D’s Kitchen (of  Love), it’s naturally about cooking, but it’s also a place for me to share my adventures in and out of the kitchen. I hope that people who read this will want to share their adventures and ideas, too.

Several months ago my job (of 13 years)  was “eliminated”.  It left me initially in shock and fear, but once I was able to get out of the fetal position, I decided that the next chapter of my life would involve something I felt passionate about. I’ve always loved to cook. In recent years it’s become a passion and outlet for me. I love to cook for people and I see that being a real job down the line. For now, I’m focusing  on creating wonderful food, discovering new places to eat (on a budget), and enjoying wine and craft beer. That sounds a lot like a vacation…and until my severance runs out, it kind of is.

Then there’s that love part of the blog name. Love is the most important ingredient in any recipe. Without love in the dish, there’s something missing. It’s the same in life…love is the most important ingredient. Without love, life somehow falls flat.

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  1. Doreen Parish

    I cant wait to see where your next cooking adventure will take you. I will stay tuned in.
    Keep stirring in the love Mama D!


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