Reflections on My Trip Around the Sun and Some Recipe Links

Years ago, when I was a Montessori teacher, we celebrated each child’s birthday with a symbolic trip around the sun, making one circle around a candle for each year of the child’s age. They were preschoolers so it only took a few minutes to complete every trip they’d made so far. There were a handful of accomplishments for each year; learning to walk, starting school, you get the picture.

Ceremonies aside, every year we each complete a trip around the sun. It begins and ends on our birthday. Everything we experienced in those 365(or so) days makes up what we have to celebrate. As I’ve done every year, I’m taking time to look back and reflect on how my most recent trip was. I must say that this year was really something. It was filled with more change 026and discovery than any of my other trips. That says a lot since I’ve had far more trips around the sun than I care to remember.

A new job, a newly retired husband, a new home, and a new grandson were the big stories last year. It was a year that saw me taking charge of my health and thus embracing healthier cooking adventures. I’ve included some of my favorite adventures here. Click on the red links to visit/ re-visit them.

A fabulous trip to the Bay Area resulted in some great pictures and a wonderful grilled vegetable adventure.San Francisco 2014 140

My search for healthier burger alternatives led me to experiment with turkey and beans. I loved the Black Bean Burger that was a delicious and nutritious result.DIGITAL CAMERASoups featured prominently this year. From decadent and rich to light and healthy they ran the gambit. I think my favorite was the Gazpacho. It was fresh and crunchy and tasted like summer in a glass.DIGITAL CAMERAGrilling has always been one of my favorite ways to cook. I shared lots of recipes that were partly or totally created on the grill. One of the best combined grilled chicken and asparagus with pasta. Don’t wait until summer to try Farfalle with Grilled Chicken and AsparagusDIGITAL CAMERAThere have been many Meatless Monday recipes some designated as such, some not. A new favorite that was a take off on an old camping dish was Vegetable Hash with Toads in the Hole. I love the fact that the choice of vegetables can be tailored to what is the freshest of the fresh.DIGITAL CAMERAThere were lots of other favorites that I enjoyed re-visiting myself. If you haven’t been there, check out the recipe page. It’s as easy as clicking on RECIPE at the top left of the Home Page.

I’m ready for my next trip around the sun. I learned from the last one that no matter what you encounter as my mother always said, “Everything happens for the best.” I believe that the best is yet to come.

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