I’m Mama D.


Several months ago the job I had for almost 13 years ended, and at the age of ?? I was faced with finding a new direction for my life. After years of retail and teaching I knew I was ready for a change.  I looked to my biggest love  (aside from my husband and sons), cooking. I’ve always loved to cook for people;  family ,friends, strangers, anyone who will put a spoon of my food to their lips is fair game.

I’ve been posting  on my blog for a few months now and have recently made the leap to a website. As with my blog., I’m using this website to share my cooking adventures. This should allow me to do more, share more, and involve my readers more. I’m a novice at this web hosting thing  so there may be some stumbles along the way. Hang in there with me. I have big plans for this site.

As this new chapter of my life begins, I want to cook. I’m actually thinking of making a career out of it. That may be a little way down the road yet, but I’d like to cook for people. It could be an appetizer for a party, a lunch filled with love delivered to an office, or a meal to be served at home. Right now the options seem limitless and just a little daunting. So now my food adventures will include launching a“cottage industry”  along with sharing what’s cooking in my kitchen.  I’m looking forward to where the road leads. Please join me.


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  1. Karen

    You’re inspiring and I look forward to following along on the adventure. Next best thing to being there with you.


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